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Show training, IPO training and breeding with pure-bred German shepherds

German Shepherd Breeding:

Now and then we breed a litter of German shepherds. When we decide to breed a litter we only do that with German Shepherds from the best (often German) proven blood lines. The male and the female both must have proven results in the showring as in the obedience (minimal IPO). Both parents are always checked on HD and ED and registered by the SV and/or Raad van Beheer. We only breed for ourselves. The goal is to breed a German Sheperd who’s better than his parents. Of course we can not keep all German Shepherd Puppies, because of that we have from time to time German Shepherd puppies available for sale.

Training German Shepherds:

All German Shepherds who we use for breeding are trained by us till minimal IPO I level and will be judged by a SV judge to check if they are suitable for breeding. We only breed with dogs who passed the breed survey. The time and attention we spend in the training of our German Shepherds has not gone unnoticed in the Netherlands and abroad. We have trained German Shepherds for people from the Netherlands, Germany, England, Italy, Canada and Vietnam. If you are looking for a professional training for your German Shepherd you can of course contact us to discuss the possibilities.


Do you want to train your German Shepherd by yourself? It is also possible to get private lessons from a very experienced dog trainer.

German Shepherd Show training:

We regularly show our German shepherds on different shows as well in the Netherlands as abroad. The highlight is the Bundes Sieger Zucht Schau in Germany. Every year at the beginning of September the World Championships are taken place in Germany. This is the place where you can see the best German Sheperds from all places of the world. We have already achieved many successes with our own German Shepherds as well as the German Shepherds of other people. Would you like to get your German Sheperd trained for, for example, the World Championships then you can of course contact us to discuss the possibilities. Also when you only need someone to do the bitework on a championship clubmatch.


Are you looking for a good German Shepherd? Don’t look further!

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